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Our cafeteria staff plans well-balanced meals for lunch every day.  Please let us know if your child has any special diet concerns.  If your child requires any food substitutions for medical reasons, you can download this form from the Health Forms link.

The Importance of Breakfast!
Breakfast IS THE most important meal of the day! When skipping breakfast, it may be eighteen hours without food between dinner and lunch the next day. Eating breakfast gives students the energy they need to think and feel their best.  Starting every day with a nutritious breakfast will help your child feel more alert, focused, and ready to learn.
Make healthy choices at lunch!
School lunches sent from home should be a nutritious, well-balanced meal that contains foods from all the food groups.

Choose healthy snacks!
Healthy snacks will provide a steady supply of nutrients and energy needed to learn, grow, and play.  Due to the new state regulations on nutrition in school, we have strict guidelines on what we can give to children during the school day.  Please be sure to send a snack every day.
Please refer to our District Website for information on our Wellness Policy.  Also, you can download healthy food choices from the A-List at johnstalkerinstitute.org.
Additionally, take a look at http://www.choosemyplate.gov for more ideas.