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Private Lessons

The Belchertown Music Program offers students the opportunity to enrich their school music experience by studying privately with one of our highly qualified professional teachers. Private lessons provide our students with one-on-one instruction that is tailored to each individual student's needs. Studies show that students gain more from the public school band experience when they are involved in private study. Lessons are strongly encouraged for all students who participate in the instrumental programs at BHS. These lessons are the key to every student's personal growth and success.

The private lesson program is organized outside of the school day. Each lesson meets once a week for 30 minutes in one of the Belchertown schools. The parents and teacher are responsible for scheduling a time that will be consistent week to week and convenient for both the student and teacher. Please contact Dr. Messier by e-mail at brianmessier@belchertown.org for staff contact information if you are interested in studying privately.


Jessica Berchin — Flute

Tina Brounsuzian — Flute

Heather Teed — Clarinet

Zachary Robarge — Saxophone

Steven Yarbro — Clarinet/Sax

Sheldon Ross — Trumpet

Erin Lylis — Horn

Bill Carr — Low Brass

Dustin Patrick — Percussion