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Work Permit Application Process

Please read April 2016 Child Labor Parent Letter and Fact Sheet and Employment Permit Process Flow Sheet as issued by the MA Office of the Attorney General. (See links below.)

Child Labor Parent Letter and Fact Sheet

Employment Permit Process Flow Sheet

What you need to get a Work Permit:

1. You must have a job before you apply for a work permit.

2. Download an Employment Permit Application for 14 through       17 year-olds.

3. Bring the Application to your employer and have him/her           complete the first section, "Promise of Employment".

4. For 14 and 15 year olds only (16 and 17 year olds may skip       this step): have your doctor complete the "Physician's               Certificate of Health" section of the Employment Permit             Application.

5. Workers age 14-15 years must also have a School Record form signed by the Principals Office.

6. The minor and parent/guardian or custodian must sign the         completed permit application.

7. The minor then brings the completed form(s) to the                   Superintendent of Schools office located at 14 Maple Street,       where the Authorized Agent will then issue an official Work         Permit. 

All documents must be originals. Faxes or copies will not be accepted. 

The Authorized Agent must, by law, witness the MINOR signing the official work permit before it can be issued.  Parents may not sign for the Minor.