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School Faculty Directory

 Department Chairpersons

Name Subject Extension
Mr. Kyle Landrio Mathematics 2119
Ms. Joanna McNeill Special Education 2118
Ms. Leny Jo Captein Social Studies 2309
Ms. Christine Holesovsky Foreign Languages 2204
Mr. David Monroe Science 2106
Ms. Maggie Folli Guidance 5203 
Ms. Elizabeth Teixeira Fine & Applied Arts 2219
Ms. Lori Vaz English 2326


Name Subject/s Extension
Ms. Kathleen Bernardin French 2213
Ms. Virginia Bilz Special Education; S.A.D.D.; Class of 2020 2117
Ms. Leny Jo Captein Social Studies 2309
Ms. Annette Colon-Vega Spanish 2212
Ms. Susan Comstock Music / Drama; Drama Club 2112
Mr. Michael Cowles Physical Education; Girls’ Varsity Track 5808
Ms. Debra Davidsohn School Counselor; Class of 2017 5205
Ms. Maggie Folli School Counselor 5203
Ms. Fran Frederick School Adjustment Counselor; Gay-Straight Alliance; Steven Universe 5207 
Ms. Rachel Goldenberg Science 2127
Ms. Cecilia Goncalves Mathematics; Class of 2018 2231
Mr. Jonathan Hohl Kennedy Science 2132

Ms. Christine Holesovsky

Spanish; Class of 2017


Mr. Kevin Holland Mathematics 2229
Mr. Mark Horan Mathematics 2209
Mr. Thomas Howell Latin; Games Club 2211
Ms. Ruth Kampe Special Education; BHS Buddies 5801
Mr. Stevens Koziol Science 2130
Officer Jason Krol Resource Officer 5121
Mr. Kyle Landrio Mathematics 2119
Ms. Monica Landrio Spanish 2208
Mr. Peter Lantaigne English; Cafeteria Supervision 2327
Ms. Cara Lapenas Spanish; LEAF 2210
Ms. Manuella Leblanc Mathematics 2230
Ms. Jessica Letzeisen English 2318
Ms. Louise Levy Science; Eco-Mentors 2111
Mr. Fintan Lindsay Mathematics 2232
Ms. Laura Lucarelle School Counselor 5205
Ms. Maia Lustbader Special Education 2103 
Ms. Joanna McNeill Special Education; Humanities Club 2118
Dr. Andrew Meade Science 2108
Mr. Brian Meehan Social Studies; Fitness Club 2305
Ms. Jennifer Merrigan Social Studies; Cafeteria Supervision; Class of 2019 2308
Dr. Brian Messier  Music; Band Director  5112
Mr. David Monroe Science 2106
Mr. Brennan Murray Library / Media Specialist; Virtual High School 5302
Mr. Lawrence O’Brien Social Studies; Young Liberals’ Society 2102
Ms. Cathy O’Neill Social Studies; Social Justice Book Club 2309
Mr. Ron Oparowski Special Education 5801
Ms. Ashleigh Pyecroft Social Studies 2306
Ms. Cheryl Relihan English, Bible Study Club; Jewelry Club 2328
Ms. Chelsea Reynolds Mathematics, Class of 2018 2228
Ms. Kathy Roach Special Education 2210
Ms. Lori St. Pierre Art, National Art Honor Society; Photography Club 2220
Ms. Maria Scudere Science; Games Club; Class of 2020 2109
Mr. Drew Smith  Science  2129 
Ms. Kelly Swiatlowski English 2329
Ms. Elizabeth Teixeira Art; Project Runway 2219
Ms. Deborah Tupek-Mendrala Mathematics 2233
Ms. Lori Vaz English; Student Council; Yearbook; Cafeteria Supervision 2326
Mr. Stephen Vigneux

English;Yearbook; Cafeteria Supervision;“As Schools Match Wits”

Ms. Tamatha Waldron English; Cafeteria Supervision 2324
Mr. Tim Welch Board Certified Behavior Analyst 5305
Mr. Michael Wikar Special Education; Cafeteria Supervision 2123
Mr. Jason Woodcock Social Studies; Girls’ Varsity Basketball; Girls’ Cross Country; Cafeteria Supervision; Class of 2019 2307