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Illness & Attendance

Please remind your child to report to the school nurse if they have been injured or are not feeling well. Your child should not assess their own illness or evaluate their own injury during the school day without consulting the school nurse and their parent or guardian.  The nurse will contact the parent or guardian. 
If your student has a fever > 100, he or she will need to go home.
Your child must be fever free for 24 hours, without medication (ibuprofen or acetaminophen), before returning to school.  They should also be feeling well enough to participate in all school activities for the school day.
If your child has an extended illness or injury > 5 days please contact the nurse to discuss your child’s return to school.
Please provide a note from your child’s Primary Care Provider if your child has had an illness or injury that would restrict them from participating in Physical Education class or a sport they are involved in.
When your child is well enough to return to physical education or sports following an injury or illness, a note of clearance from their Primary Care Provider must be on file as well as any restrictions he or she may have until full recovery.
Please provide a note from your child’s healthcare provider if your child has had surgery (including oral surgery) or a procedure.  This note should include specific details regarding any restrictions or that the student is cleared without any restrictions.