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Summer School Policy / Information

A student with a failing grade of no less than 50% will be given permission to attend a summer school session in a program approved in advance by guidance and the administration. Upon the successful completion of the course, the student will be granted a grade no higher than 65%.

A student who has earned a grade of D in a course, and who elects to attend summer school in the subject area, will be required to get the department chairperson’s approval. Upon successful completion of the course, a grade of no higher than 70% may be granted. The department chairperson has the option of using an appropriate measuring device to determine the student’s knowledge in that area.

A student who fails a course of study with a grade lower than 50% will be denied permission to attend summer school and will be required to repeat the entire course of study to receive credit.

A student who withdraws from a course will not be permitted to attend summer school for credit in that course.