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Welcome to the Belchertown High School Tri-M Page!

Tri-M Chapter #1424 Bylaws

Tri-M is a music honors society that was developed to motivate music students, recognize their efforts, and honor their accomplishments. The Chapter does much of the behind the scenes work when it comes to the various concerts, rehearsals, and festivals held at BHS. Just to list a few examples, we host MICCA at BHS, which is a music festival that gives ensembles from across the state a chance to be adjudicated and participate in clinics with reputable judges. We often set up the stage for various ensembles, whether it be for a middle school concert or a Junior Districts rehearsal. We also have our own projects that we work on throughout the school year, like cataloguing all of our department's music. Tri-M is a wonderful opportunity to meet others who have as great a passion for music as you do. We meet intermittently throughout the school year on Fridays after school in the Band room, based upon what events or projects we have coming up. 

Chapter Advisor - Dr. Messier

2016-2017 Tri-M Leadership:                        

President - Tim Zych                       

Vice President - Lucas LaVoie   

Secretary - Haili Giglietti              

Treasurer - Jordan Adadevoh        

Historian - Melissa Ligus

Choir Liaison - Lisa Swift 


 Sophie Black, Zachary Bonetti, Mikaela Bowler, Abegail Brown, Matthew Davidsohn, D Duseau, Sinead Fitzpatrick, Gillian Follett, Lydia Funk, Ashley Herrick, Ian Kenneally, Ethan Lafluer, Henry Langlois, Christina Martidis, Kristen McNamara, Daniel Meneke, Megan Mileski, Jillian Paterwic, Michael Reidy, Cheyenne Rose, Nathan Rothwell, Judy Schmidt, Marissa Shaw, Emily Slater, Ashley Thomas, Nicole Thornton, Justin Vitale, Casey Waskiewicz. 

Contact our Chapter at: trimchapter1424@gmail.com. The email is run by Erin Finn, President and Jillian Gummeson, Vice President of our Chapter. Any Music Department related inquiries that do not pertain to Tri-M should be directed to Dr. Messier (brianmessier@belchertown.org) or Ms. Comstock (scomstock@belchertown.org).