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Music is a universal language that binds the diversity of learners in our district together. The skills we address in our instruction, rehearsals, and performances complement and enhance the skills they are learning in all other content areas, including literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies.
The success of our music program centers on pride, responsibility, commitment to task, and the willingness to work hard to achieve a common goal. We expect every student to set high performance and academic standards for themselves so that they may work cooperatively to achieve successful and meaningful performances as an ensemble.
The music program exists to provide a comprehensive music education to all students. This is achieved through individual study and performance ensembles. These ensembles support a curriculum that is designed district wide to allow students to demonstrate a knowledge and lifelong appreciation of music. The Belchertown High School Music Program has embraced the Massachusetts Arts Framework core concepts by teaching curriculum that enables each student to: 
  • Communicate fluently and effectively.
  • Apply both imagination and rational thinking to the making of music.
  • Understand the value of reflection and critical judgement in creative work.
  • Present and perform music publicly, with confidence, pride, and distinction.
  • Use music literacy as a natural enhancement to learning other subjects.
  • Understand how world cultures have been historically influenced and shaped by music.
  • Understand the ways in which music contributes to contemporary life.
The music program also develops student's social skills.  Participation in music enables students to form close friendships within the school through their collaborative effort. This allows our students to work together as a team, encouraging peer leadership and developing a sense of "family" unique to our organization. Our primary responsibility is to produce graduates who employ multiple critical and creative thinking strategies to reason and problem solve. The secondary responsibility is to allow each student to demonstrate a comprehensive music education through performance and to gain a lifelong appreciation and passion for music.